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Ayurveda believes in 'five great elements' (earth, water, fire, air and space) forming the universe, including the human body. Chyle, Blood, flesh, fat, bone, marrow, and semen are believed to be the seven primary constituent elements of the body. Ayurveda stresses a balance of three substances: wind/spirit/air, phlegm, and bile, each representing divine forces


it includes the following five elimination treatments

1. Vamana

Purification therapy for Kapha depression, bronchitis, indigestion etc.

2. Virechana

Purification therapy for Pita, also stands as an intermediate therapy for Vamana, Vasthi, Nasyam and Rakthamoksham.

3. Vasthi

Purification therapy for Vata. This is to be done either anally or urethrally or vaginally, depending upon the condition and using herbal decoction / oil.

4. Nasyam

Head cleaning leads to the purification of Kapha, pacification of Pita and strengthening of Vata.

5. Rakthamoksham

Is the blood letting process done by leaching, pricking etc. This is effective in skin diseases and in some stages of Vatha diseases.

These purification therapies should be done after preparatory treatments, mainly oleation conducted internally and externally and fomentation. Internal oleation is the intake of oil or ghee and preparation of herbal medicine to make the impurities deep in the channels slimy. Most of the external oleation therapies aim to oleate (make slimy) the impurities and expand the channels to provide the smooth movement of impurities out of the body. Duration of oleation therapy will be decided by the doctor.

Some of the external oleation / fomentation processes are:

Pizhichil (oil bath)

A type of fomentation by pouring lukewarm oil on the body, in seven postures, in a specific pattern. It gives full relaxation to the body and mind relieving general body weakness, stiffness, nervous diseases, arthritis, rheumatic complains etc. Followed by a warm water bath.

Njavara Kizhi

Fomentation of the body by applying medical pudding boiled in milk and decoction of sida retusa. It is followed by Abhyanga with medicated oil. Indications are rheumatic complains, muscular wasting, general weakness etc.


A process in which fomentation is done by the application of medicinal leaves processed in medicated oil. It helps to relieve body pain, arthritis, backache etc.

Avagaha Sweda

Hip bath done with specially prepared decoction after the application of medicated oil on the body. It is done for backache and urinary disorders.


1. Sirovasthi

A type of rejuvenation treatment in which lukewarm oil is allowed to persist on top of the head with the help of a cap fitted around the head. It is useful in facial paralysis, headache, visual problems, memory ailments, disturbed sleep etc.

2. Pichu

Special method to keep oil over head or other specified parts of the body Useful for headache, sleep disorders, pain on the lesioned parts of the body etc.

3. Sirodhara

Process in which herbal oils, medicated milk, or medicated butter milk and decoction is poured in rhythmic manner on the forehead in lying position. It is useful for skin diseases, sleep disorders, mental agitation. Profoundly relaxes the entire nervous system.

4. Thalapothichil

A process in which soaked and grinded dry amla fruits in medicated butter milk applied all over the head in a special manner in sitting position. This is useful for sleep disorders, headache, mental tension etc.

5. Dhoopanam

Medicated fumes are puffed to the nostrills or ears to prevent infections.

6. Anjanam & Aschothanam

Application of Ayurvedic collyrium inside the eyelids for achieving good vision, luster of the eyes etc. Anjanam is followed by washing the eyes with special decoction and dripping medicated eye drops (Aschothanam).

7. Tharpanam

Application of medicated oil or ghee over the eyes. Useful in prevention and treatment of eye diseases. Recommended only with Panchakarma

8. Karnapooranam

Ears are treated with various herbal preparations. This treatment is to cleanse and prevent diseases in ears

9. Kateevasthi

Process in which medicated oil is allowed to persist on low back of the patient with back pain.

10. Lepanam

This is a body treatment with pasting of herbal mixtures, very effective in arthritic joint swelling, skin diseases etc.

11.Kabalam / Gandoosham

Here the mouth is filled with suitable oil or decoctions and keeping it for some time according to the condition. This is useful for mouth disorders, dental or gum promlems, stomititis etc.